Grade 5


The Real Meaning of Home

The Real Meaning of Home

Definition of home…. “The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” This definition of home is true, but to me, there is definitely more to it. This is the real meaning of home, and what home means to me.

Home is a secure and comfortable environment. Home is where I live. I don’t mean just ‘being alive’. I mean sleeping, eating, feeling, and playing. I can’t do all these things with a happy heart without a safe place to do them in. And that’s what home is for. And, home does so many other things for anybody who lives in it.

If the weather outside is terrible, the roof of my home shields me from it. Home protects me.
If I fight with my siblings, then my home’s walls keep it concealed. Home keeps my secrets.
If I am sad, I can cry into my pillow. Home calms me down.
If I am tired, I can lay down on the couch. Home comforts me.

Home protects, keeps secrets, calms, comforts, keeps me safe and warm. Home gives me all the things that I need to live a joyful and healthy life. Having all of that makes me feel so grateful. Knowing this… home is not just a place that one lives in permanently. It’s a place that one loves permanently. That’s what that definition was missing, and that’s what home truly means to me.