Grade 6


The Place

The place….this place….our home… my home. Home is a special place, it is something else, it is somewhere you can be safe, somewhere you can disagree with your family but you know that you are always forgiven. It is the place where you go when you are in trouble and the place that you took your first steps, this place I call home. You may look at your house with wood, paint, and other stuff but if you look at it differently you will see a home full of the people who made me and your home is where you have memories. Those days you just don’t want to talk to anyone but you have to remember you are never alone. You may have heard that a million times but you can not forget home is the way to go.

Everyone deserves a home. Home is a special place. It is something else but what do you have to do to complete it? You have to have a family, you have to show respect, show love in this place, your place. But you are always the final brick. A home is not a home without you, it is like a fish tank with no fish or a dog with no owner and your home is finally complete once it has it’s family there. Now, there are many incomplete homes that need to find their bricks. We have to help them by being a good friend, be a good person and help people who don’t have a home to make them feel appreciated and we can all live an amazing life.