Grade 6


The Place We Call Home

The Place We Call Home:

Home’s where people stay,
Where we build strength, everyday.
Home’s where we dance and celebrate,
The power of friendship is very great.
Home’s the place where families can pray,
Where hearts, minds and souls evolve everyday.

Home’s where smiles are born,
When we avoid words that act like thorns.
Smiles are born starting with, “Good morning,”
Where loved ones give courage without warning.
Smiles are born starting with precious words,
“I love you,” acting like songs of the birds.

Home’s where memories are made,
They’ll stay, and never fade.
Memories from home don’t need cameras to remember,
We remember from heart, through each member.
The ones of kindness explode, much like a bomb.

Homes are of wonder through each wall,
Walls built standing high and tall.
Walls built with love, dedication and care,
Built with stories to tell, that should be aware.

Home, whatever the distance we always come back,
Always returning after we pack.
When we’re away from home, we may be by distance,
But home stays in heart, the best in existence.

Home’s our base, protecting us from harm,
Protecting us from nightmares like the dreamcatcher’s charm.
Homes keep us safe from ourselves too,
We may bite off more than we can chew.
Homes are for us, live upon it and keep it,
The people without them ain’t lucky, not one bit.

Home’s where time is spent,
We sing forever to our hearts’ content.
Although there are people, just longing a home;
I hope maybe one day, this poem will roam.
For this poem to roam through a family’s mind,
“What a lovely home of mine.”
If a family were to have a home thanks to me,
They’d finally have the chance to be happy and free.