Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Place We Call Home

The Place We Call Home

The place we call home,
Is a place where you never feel alone.
A place where you eat, sleep, and relax,
A place where your parents pay the tax.

I walk through the door care free,
I love my family because they love me.
My dog barks, he whines, and he moans,
He gives me his snuggly groans.

My home is filled with love,
I wake to the birds chirping in the sun.
I love to snuggle with my pup.
When I start to stop, he gets up.

My nan and pop visit every once in a while,
I love to see them, it makes me smile.
My home is filled with laughter and love,
Happiness sprinkles down from above.
It is the place we call home.