Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

The Place to Feel Happy

Do you know how many people are homeless in the world? Well I do. There are 150 million people who are homeless, which is about 2% of the world. In New York 23 962 CHILDREN, 15 015 SINGLE ADULTS and 23 715 ADULTS WITH FAMILY are homeless. I feel like that means not a lot of people are being welcomed in homes and I believe they should be.

What home means to me is that you have a shelter that is comfortable, has family, is and feels safe, and is a place you want to be. I say that because if you have a home that doesn’t feel safe or isn’t safe you’ll probably be scared and if it’s not comfortable then how are you meant to be happy? Of course a home should be where you want to be or somewhere you’re happy.

Home vs. House

You think a home is a house? Well it could be and it may not be. What I mean is that a house has a roof, a ceiling, a wall and furniture. Well a home doesn’t need all that. Like what I said before you need to feel safe, to be safe, to feel comfortable and to have a family. It could be anywhere you want a long as you feel those things.

To conclude this is what home means to me. And don’t forget how many people are homeless: it’s 150 million people in the world (2%). These people should be able to have a family and feel comfortable.