Grade 5

High Prairie

The Place to Be

There are a lot of things to be grateful for in life; snow, trees, winter, clothes, I could go on almost ever. Today I am going to tell you why I am grateful for my home and what home means to me.
,Home is not a place, to me it is a feeling. That feeling is joy, happiness, love, comfort, but for some people, it can be anger, sadness, or even fear. When I left my old house I didn’t know what to feel. I didn’t know if I should feel excited to live in a new house and to make new memories. Or if I should be sad and angry that I was leaving all my childhood behind. I grew up in that house, and left it behind, knowing that I would never live in it or maybe never see it again. When I got to my new house to my surprise I didn’t feel any of those feelings. It felt like home but home was scattered everywhere! Some of the furniture was different and I had never seen it before. It was all hard to take in. I had no clue what to feel and no clue what to do.
Now I am so happy where I am and it’s nice to have a place to call home. In my new house, we now have a whole farm! We have pigs, chickens, cats, and our awesome dog, Neena. in our old house. We could only have two cats.
In my backyard, I have so much room to play as I live on the edge of town. We still have to call the town of High Prarie if we can shoot any animals! High Prarie is awesome, welcoming, comforting and so much more. It is my home.