Grade 6


The Place that we call home

The place that we call our home,
Means that we are never alone.
Laughing together, crying together,
Bonding with our families forever.

My home is my safe space,
A place where I can work, play, and relax everyday.
I am so thankful to have somewhere to stay,
A place that keeps me warm any day.

It’s not just the roof and walls or solid foundation,
But it’s coming home to a feeling of relaxation.

Families loving arms hugging me,
I am so Grateful that I have somewhere to be.

It’s sad to say,
Some people don’t have anywhere nice to stay.
They are constantly alone,
Sitting in the world unknown.

A home is something that I often take for granted,
Simply because I am too distracted.
However I cannot imagine my life without a home
Yet, there are people who sit on the streets and roam alone.

It’s important that we make a change,
That we help make nice places for people to stay.
Everyone should have a home.
A place that they can call their own.
No one deserves to be alone.

There truly is no place like home.