Grade 6


The Place I Love

Home, the place I live
At home we all forgive

At home I’m understood
At home I feel so good

Home is where my heart is free
To laugh, sing, play, and dream

At home I can say what I want
And not be judged by people’s thoughts

At home I can leave everything behind
To love, bond, play, and cry

At home important moments are made
At home our dreams are to persuade

At home I feel protected
At home dreams are created

At home I can get fed a good meal
At home everyone cares how I feel

At home I spend most of my time
At home no one commits a crime

At home I can spend time with family
At home I can play with my puppy

At home all my stuff is safe
At home the bad times will erase

At home I can do my hobbies
While my mom is baking brownies

H – O – M – E
A place we all want to be