Grade 6


The place I call home

(Dedicated to a Lizzie Hearts from Ever After High, an animated series by Mattel. As the daughter of the queen of hearts, she tries to fit in in the normal world outside wonderland. This poem is about homesickness, and her struggles to hide her true self, for she knows she won’t be accepted that way. I have always enjoyed writing bittersweet pieces, and I hope you like this as much as I do! Enjoy!)

The groove,
filled with wonder and movements,
the temporary sight of home.

For here in ever after you see,
teapots would not float.
Nor do mushrooms affect your growth.

a place of nonsense,
where I just can’t understand.
Through the locks,
cracks I peek,
where’s my home,
the place of wonders that I can call my own?

I sometimes think,
I wonder.
How to define the mornings,
apart from the nights?
This logic to me is simply not right!

Shouting and slamming its just manners you see,
why do you force me to the very sharp peaks?
Here I stand no sceptre in hands,
no cards, roses, armies to command.
In a faraway land from home.

No one understands except my grove.
The tenders I’ve hide, it longed to be free,
under the mask of queenly, I’ve been forced to keep,

I try to smile,
to befriend and be kind,
but really it’s the real me,
I try so hard to find.

Standing here,
standing alone,
worry and trying alone in my grove.

Strumming the streads,
let the melody spread,
let the hollow echoes flow.

My dearest home,
please guide me,
to the place, I longed to go.
To the place where I’m finally free to take off my mask,
Free to be myself,

That special place I long for,
The special place called home.