Grade 5

British Columbia

The Place I Belong

Home can be many, many things depending on how you look at it. When I see home, I see outstanding opportunities just behind one magical door. Because home isn’t just a house that keeps you warm, it’s a place that keeps your heart warm inside. Home isn’t just a house with walls, because it’s a place I feel I truly belong. I think of home as a person, a person that has been waiting so long. A person that has been waiting so long to store positive memories, and a person that has been waiting to give out comfort. Maybe that person is just like me. Waiting for different breathtaking opportunities for all to see. Home has it’s specialties, just like us all, and maybe home is the one that tells us to get back up when we fall. So try it. Picture home in your head, because home helps to give everyone good thoughts instead. And imagine a magnet, and picture you as steel. You stick to the magnet just in the way your home will stick to you. So if you do imagine a magnet, and you do picture yourself as steel.. Maybe then you’ll know just how I feel. Maybe if I tried hard enough, my memories stayed buried inside my home and it stuck.