Grade 4


The place for comfort, Peace and Love

On an April morning a boy named Ryan woke up at 7 O’clock. Ryan looked out the window and said “Wow! What a beautiful morning!” Ryan rushed down stairs and asked “Mom what’s for breakfast?” “Pancakes and maple syrup”, mom answered. “YUMMMM!” said Ryan. NOM NOM MUNCH! Ryan ate it very quickly.

It’s been 30 minutes and Ryan hasn’t been doing anything, but then he thought of something. He asked “Dad can I go play outside?” “Sure, but be back soon, there’s a thunderstorm arriving,” said dad. “OK” said Ryan. Ryan rushed outside and took out his skateboard. When he was about to get on he heard a loud noise. The noise was like BOOM BAM ZZZZ! He said “Was that the thunderstorm that dad was talking about.” He heard the noise again BOOM BAM ZZZZ! “Na, that might just be the neighbor’s dogs fighting again” BOOM BAM ZZZZ!!!!!! “Jeez! They are loud”.

All of a sudden, it became very dark. Sky was covered with dark clouds. The birds were chirping and flying away to a safe place-their home. The wind was blowing strong. The neighbors were calling their kids back home. Ryan looked at the sky and saw a lightning bolt, started between the clouds touching to the ground. He said “Wait a second, that’s not the neighbor’s dogs. That’s a thunderstorm! No wonder the noise was so loud.” It started raining with scary noises.

Ryan rushed back to his home and screamed “Wow! I am safe now. “Dad, the scary thunderstorm has arrived!” Dad and mom hugged him tight and kissed on his cheeks. Ryan said, “Home- the safe place for comfort, peace and love”.