Grade 4

New Brunswick

The Pictures I see

My home is love, family, adventure, peace, calm and special. It is the place where my heart can shine. Home is my sisters, my Mom and my Dad. Home is the place I feel like me.7

Home is my dog. She loves me to throw the frisbee. It’s her wet kisses and snuggles.

Home is vacation in Prince Edward Island and the memories. It’s the beach house, the beach, lighthouses, playing in the waves and being together with my family.

Home is dinner theatre on our deck, being silly or serious, in character. Dinner Theatre is my family being creative, singing, acting and having fun. It’s Peter Pan, Hook, Violet, Ice Queen, Royal Fire and so many more. It’s snacks and drinks and so much fun.

Home is spending time in the kitchen with my Mom and Dad. It’s pancakes, sausages and homemade hash browns.

My home is the pictures in my eyes. I am the bird and I will trust the wind to fly.

Home is with you!