Grade 6


The Pessimistic Soul

I lay there silent, chilled and numb
My limbs feel poised as I observe my crying mum
I try to express how confused I felt
But as I tried it would not come out
I notice a lid covering up above me
The darkness creeps and sweeps around me
It felt as though my body sunk
All the noises began to lump
It appears as though I was in a hole
I don’t think they realize I still have my soul.

I see a bright light that burns my closed eyes
I hear a deep voice that says “She’s alive”
I scream out a cry that sounds quite fatal
I feel a heartbeat as I get cradled
Something small twitches, I think it’s my nose
I smell a strong scent, it’s just like a rose
The scent and the cradling strangely sooths me
I fall into a deep sleep uncontrollably.

My example of home is somewhere to stay
Somewhere with spirit without any gray
A place with people who love me so
With hot food and cold water to help me grow
I believe home is as gorgeous as the sun’s golden rays