Grade 5


The Perfect Place Beyond My Dreams

The Perfect Place Beyond my Dreams

Walking towards the shower in my bathroom
As I turn on the steamy water
The shampoo seeps through my hair
I wail at my sister
To get me a towel
She rushes to the linen closet
And passes me one
I dry myself off

Walking towards my special room
It has all the things I require
A bed in the corner
A clock on the wall
With a white chandelier
Dangling on the ceiling
I long to have more
Like a pillow to snuggle with

Walking towards my loft
High above the foyer
I sit down
Loosening up on a couch
As the rain drizzled down outside
I cuddle up in a warm blanket
Waiting for the sun to shine bright

There’s more to this place
Than just joy
Unspeakable things
That make you who you are
Like comfort
And happiness
I believe
This place was meant for me
And it is
It belongs to me
It’s the perfect place beyond my dreams