Mikylla Mae

Grade 4


The Perfect Home for Me

I came from school, in a bad mood.
Walking step by step.
To a place that makes me feel a lot better.
I turn the door knob to a magical place.
Stepped inside.
I looked up, and turned my frown upside down.
What place do you think this is? It’s home.
It told me a lot about what home really means.
So come sit with me. Let’s talk about it shall we?
Okay let’s do it, I shall start first. Home is filled with happiness and joy.
Home is where you eat three delightful meals everyday.
Home is where you have fun and make memories.
When you wake up one lovely morning, the smell from the kitchen reaches your nose, you do your routine and dress up in wonderful clothing, ready to go down stairs and eat some delicious breakfast.
Pack up for school.
What brand new day, on a good note!
When it’s time for lunch you look in your lunch bag, you notice a note saying that you have a surprise coming up when you go back home.
School is done, you can’t wait to go home you see the surprise.
It’s a movie place and that is another reason about what home means to me.
To spend time with family and friends. Home is where you also relax and be calm.
Every person in this big awesome world claimed a house of their own.
And that is what home means to me!