Grade 6


The Perfect Home

As a child, I have always wanted to live in a fancy bungalow with an Ipad, a beautiful room with the perfect with the latest Iphone. I wanted EVERYTHING. Also known as the perfect house, I went to share some of my ideas with my dad. I told him everything. How I wanted a bungalow, a fancy room etc…. After I finished my dad asked “You want the perfect house right?” “Yes” I replied. “But what about the perfect home.” “What do you mean?” “Aren’t they the same thing?” “No” my dad said.

A house is made of bricks and steel,
While a home is made of love, safety and maybe even a yummy meal.

A house is made of sticks and stones,
But a home is made of a heart so strong it can break any bone.
A home consists of friends and family the people that care for you the most.

At the end of the day, my dad asked me one last question “The perfect house or the perfect home”
“The Perfect Home!” I replied

For every night since that day I thank God for the perfect home.