Grade 4


The Particular Word

Home.The word that lay in my mind this particular Friday at 2:03 p.m and I couldn’t figure out why!I had never even thought about the word home before,because I knew exactly what it was,a home was a place where you lived,that was it.It was not something that made you jump up and down in excitement it was just a warm brick building.Sitting at my window seat in Paris though,I wasn’t so sure.Warmly,the shops welcome me out of goodwill everyday I go to buy bread for my mother but the Bonglairie was surely not a home me or anyone for that fact.With half of me thinking one thing and half the other,I set out for a walk were I was going to get some parisian’s opinions on what home was…

Mmm,the smell of macarons wafted through the air pleasantly.Gazing at people in cafes and kids skateboarding with their friends,I decided to ask the business woman having lunch for her opinion.When I asked her though I got a little confused,wait,no very confused…”Madame,what does home mean,”I asked her.”I’m sorry but that is an answer only you can answer,”she replied kindly with a smile and shake of her head.I know,she didn’t even give me an explanible answer!After about two hours of searching for a reasonable answer,I found one,a roundish man with a large mustache stated laughing,”my girl,home is not a cozy hardwood floor with furniture,a home is what you make it,fun,worriless,and more,so hurry on home and you´ll see…

When I got there I saw what home was,it´s what you make it.