Grade 5


The Outside World

What do I think about the meaning of home? It’s pretty hard because there are so many homes, some are good and some need help and that is why I am here. I think that it’s hard how some people are living. But I think I can help with only one two or three words and here they are. My first word is amazing. That word is so true when you’re thinking about a home. Because you get to see so much it’s amazing! What I think is amazing about a home is that you get to share it you get to be with your family, and that is really important. My second word is safe. Safe is a word that makes me feel good and safe . I feel safe when my mom asks,“I am here if you need me.” That makes me feel safe and that she cares. My third word is comforting, I love that word. It’s like skipping through the backyard, it’s warm, soft and sunny. I am usually comfortable when I am outside or under a blanket. So those were my three words. I hope you live happy and healthy and don’t forget to always be grateful when you have a home.