Grade 6


The of my home

What home is to me
Home means a lot of different things to different people. But there are three things that home really means to me. To me home is love,safety and relaxation. There is no place I’d rather be than my lovely, caring home.
There is a lot of love in my family. The love and affection my parents share between me and my siblings is greater than another. When my grandmother comes over she brings her love in many ways. When my mom in Jamaica calls everyday and says “I love and I miss you.” it gives me relief.When I come home I know that there are people who love and care for me.
It’s not the wall and door protecting me, it’s the people in the house that will do anything for each other. My dad is the greatest man I know. The step-sister I have can sometimes be gentle or hard if she chooses. My mom in Jamaica is overprotective and she always asks if I’m being bullied or if I’m eating.
At home I can let all my feelings go and cool off. I can just sit down on my couch and watch television. I’m not being judged so I don’t feel tense. My own room where it’s quiet and nobody bothers me.Not having to worry about doing a lot of work around the house.
In conclusion, my home is somewhere love, feel safe and let go. Nowhere else can compare to my home. I will always love my home. I hope my home never changes ever.