Grade 4

calgary AB

The menning of home

The word home and house are different because who is where I feel safe secured but a house is just the building that you can sleep in. Home can mean a variety of different things like you can feel comfort valued . A house is a building that really just stay and that where you know where you go but it doesn’t really mean the same as what home is. A house is just something that is Built that are in a certain place.

Home means to me Where I get greeted by my parents my brother. Home means to me where I can have fun and relax with my parents well my brothers upstairs playing on the Xbox 360. My family is great because we can play lots of board games and I can feel loved and that’s why I love my home and family.

Home means we’re I can be silly and not have to worry about being on time everywhere I go and I don’t have to worry I can just relax I’m just playing video games on Xbox 360. I can feel safe and cozy and I can also play my guitar and read some awesome books and my parents can help me with my stuff.

The meaning of home to me means going to places with my family and going and exploring going on vacations spending time at Easter, Christmas ,Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Patrick’s Day that’s what home means to spend time with my family and have fun.

That’s what home means to me and the lovely place to stay with your family.