Grade 5


the Meanning of Home

Home is not just a place,a meaning or a word
home is a group of loved ones and family
Home doesn’t have to be a building it could be a world or even a union
home is where I have a roof over my head
it is where love is made and forgotten
it is where friends are made with joy and laughter

home is where we stand and die
it is where we have children
it is where we grow up and see our children grow
home is where we are loved
home is where we are forgotten and remembered

it is where we are greeted with loved ones
it is where we eat dinner with smiles on everyone’s face
it is where our parents live with us
and where we enjoy our life from the beginning till the end

home is where we cherish our beloved memories with our families
and of our amazing friends who have cared for us from the beginning
it is a place filled with joy and laughter
home is a place to feel safe and out of danger

home is a place to be encouraged and to encourage others
it is a place to celebrate the holidays together
and enjoy the lovely things we’ve done the holidays