Grade 6


The meaning

A home is a place where you can sit by the fire place with the ones you love;
a place that you can call yours;
a place where you can play and have fun without having to worry about anything;
a place where you can learn and grow;
A place where you can cry and it’s ok.
A house is quite the opposite it’s just a place to eat and sleep that’s it. We all need a home; it’s were you cherish memorize the silly ones, the sad, the happy even the angry; where you spend time with the ones you love, A home is not something you buy no, that’s a house, a home is made by you, by adding your personality where YOU can feel welcome. I don’t want to hear that a house is a home because IT’S NOT I just wanted to make that clear. A home can be anything like a condo, a side by side, an apartment or even a BOX, it’s anything you can feel safe in. You can’t just leave your home a true home will stay with you forever no matter what.