Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Something Special

For me, home means something important, something special. I grew up here, this is where I live.
Some people don’t have the joy of living in a home, but they might have the joy of living on the streets because that’s probably where they grew up. Or they might hate it.
I know if I started living randomly on the streets, I would probably be kidnapped or being sold for money or other things because I don’t have the experience of living on the streets, I don’t know how to defend myself in a way I won’t get kidnapped or hurt physically and emotionally. I’m not saying to live in the streets to learn how to defend yourself or because it’s a good thing. Not all homeless people know how to defend themselves.
My mom sometimes jokes around and tells me this if I do something bad or get in trouble “I’m going to throw you outside with the homeless people!” It did scare me but it’s probably not something to be joking around about, it could actually lead someone to be thrown out and onto the streets.
This is a dangerous world, just be careful when your outside. My home is a special place and I’m glad I have one.