Grade 4


The Meaning of Not Having a Home

Not having a home to me means I feel like i’m invisible.
I feel like i’m falling into the ground.
I feel sad not happy.
I feel frightened and unsafe.
I feel exiled from any house.
I feel abandoned from my family and like nobody cares about me
I feel devastated
I feel like I’m in a place where nobody cares about me.
I feel like i’m a piece of trash that people just throw.
I feel like i’m a piece of glass that shattered.
I feel like a house throws trash at.

But when I have a home I have a place to eat a place to sleep a place to rest my head.
With a place to go, happy memories happen.
With a home after a trip when I get back I go to my bed and sleep as I melt away.
This is what home means to me and if you don’t have a home.