Grade 4


The Meaning Of My Special and Unique Home

To me home is a place to be free, loved and to build more memories each and every day. I get food day and night and get shelter everyday. I feel safe and comfortable at home. Rather than making mistakes at school or anyplace I would make my mistakes at home. I would drift off to sleep in the corner of my bed while reading a book. The comfiest place to sleep is my home. My home is blessed and sweet. I get to gaze at the shimmering stars above my fine old rooftop. My home is filled with honest souls and brave hearts. My home is built upon love and is made for love. What wins out in the end is peace. Every summer I hear the birds chirp and sing happily but now I hear the fresh breeze approaching my home. Whoosh. My home is powerful and tough to fight any danger. My home is talented. Everyone has a special talent in my home. My home is mostly built with laughter. Every day I laugh, my home increases love. I thank God for giving me this gift. My home was my first gift I got once I was born. It seemed like every house we visit was mine, but no. Every home is special but mostly mine. Every home is unique but mostly mine. There are jokes allowed but no judgments. Every judgment decreases happiness. Sometimes you get jealous when you visit people who live in mansions, you realize your home is much smaller but always remember your home is the best. My home is built in the midpoint. It can be seen from 2 km away. At the crack of dawn I can see the stunning view. I can see fascinating robins flying from North to South. I laugh and play to make my day! Every night when the lightning bolts hit my house I shiver but I have a home and family to take care of me. There is no place like HOME!!!