Grade 4


The Meaning of my Safe Comfy Home

My home is a special place. Home is where those memories are kept. The meaning of a home is not just a house there is way more to it. Your home is where you learn. You take your very firsts. It is where you show your joyful insides. You might be staying in your home a lot more but you should be grateful that you have a warm large home to stay in. When you go home you feel safe and calm. Home is there for you. Even if you move the loving heart is still in the old home. Your home is sacred and you should always love it. You might be scared in your home but it will always be safe. BOO! If you get scared your mom’s calming voice is always there. My home is a place where I make mistakes but I always learn from it. Some people don’t know the feeling of having a safe home so you should help. Everyone deserves a warm safe home. You might be sad in your home . But just remember you’re the loving heart of home.