Grade 5


The Meaning of my house

I’ll tell you what I love about my house. I love my house because I have a roof over my head. Also, because I have a warm place to stay in like a fireplace and read right next to the fireplace.I have a lovely family that cares for me, whenever I’m sad my mom and dad and sometimes my baby sister would comfort me. My house has a smell of love and kindness. Everyday love and kindness is opening the door and helping people to be kind to each other like my family has taught me. Then those people go to be nice to other people then it spreads. Also, the food my mom cooks is some of the best foods I have ever eaten my life and she’s also so funny. She is always so kind, nice and just so wonderful. My mom and the rest of my family have shown me that love and kindness are what makes a home special.