Grade 5


The Meaning Of My Home

Some people say a home is a place, just a place but a home is so much more, a home is walls that hold memories.
Memories that hold old ones as old as time and can make new ones like rhymes.
It is where people can be themselves, where you can stay and do what your heart desires.
You can always act like you want and when you mess up a home gives you a feeling that you didn’t make horrible mistakes, you just made happy accidents. A home makes you say hooray because you know it’s going to be a good day.
A home is a place where you always belong, a place that is always there for you.
A home has people old and young, big and small, tall and short, rich and poor but a home always treats everyone the equally.
When you get back and go home, it feels like your hard work pays off. A home welcomes you. It makes you laugh, run, hang out with your friends, end up with new friends. And it’s nice to go on adventures but it’s even nicer to come back. All of those things are what make up my home.

By: Immanuel