Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of my home

My home means pretty much everything to me. The only thing that means more to me is my family. But my home does mean a lot to me. I’ll list some things about the house… The building. It’s a small house but still good, I have plenty of food and water, I have a room to myself, my grandma lives 2 doors down from my house, and I have 6 friends to play with. That’s 6 things about some of the complex I live in. Theres also some other things that I can’t really think of right now but I know there’s more. Any who there’s still super great things about my home.

The question for this was “what makes your home special?” And I’m going to answer that question right here, right now. My answer for that is my family. My family is my home, and my comfort. My family is the reason I’m living. If God didn’t bring my Oma into the world, my Bubba wouldn’t be here. And if my Omi wasn’t here, my Ammi wouldn’t marry my Bubba and have my dad, and if my Nanny wasn’t born, my mom wouldn’t be born to marry my dad to have me, my brother, and my sister. You see? It’s all generation by generation, kid after kid. That’s the meaning of my home to me.