Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of my home

The meaning of home about me is that I have a family and a dog. Whenever I feel sad or heart broken my family is there to care for me. Its strange how my dog always cheers me up when I’m sad. Its good to have a family because if you didn’t have one you would probably be lonely. And if you don’t have a sister or brother you probably want a pet. But of course, I have a brother. Only a half brother who’s older than me. Another thing about the meaning of home for me is that I am safe and comfortable. So that means I have a place to sleep. A place to live and a place to eat. Which is what u mostly need in life. But everybody has there own special meaning and this is mine. And nobody can change it. But let me explain one more thing. I need a family because I have my own source of getting sad and I don’t like being sad. Well nobody does. And I’m sure you would feel sad if you didn’t have your own family, or nobody to take care of you when you’re a kid, or nobody to be there for you. And my dog is always there for me. But you can have somebody else there for you and not just your own pet.