Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning of My Home

What does home mean to me? Well, lots of things are what brings a home together like a roof , a comfy bed, being in a safe neighborhood and lots of other great things so this is what home means to me.

First of all, my beautiful big comfy bed. I can’t even explain how comfy my bed is and I love to go up in my bedroom ,turn the heat up, get cozy and read my favorite books of all time.

Secondly, the food I eat everyday and all the fast food I eat and I am so grateful for all the food I have and eat every single day and whenever I’m hungry there is always a snack in the cupboard.

And last but not least, home is my loving family. Well of course, all my family gets on my nerves at times, but I don’t have one idea of what I would do without them.

All in the end the meaning of home to me is reading in my cozy bed, cuddling with my mom, the food I eat, my family, and spending time with all of my special friends. This is what home means to me.