Grade 6


The Meaning Of My Home

To people home is a place that they live and eat in but to me my home is much more to me!

In my home is my place to stay there my family loves me every day. I think of it as my only safe place to stay its where I live and where I will stay. At home I have my own space where I can do what I want. When I am at Home my parents are always there to be with me and help me when I am sad. I think as my home of where I get love, food, and shelter and where I live and what I give is there always with me and memories. But sometimes you move to a new home at Your old home You will leave memories but its ok you can make new ones. My family is the heart of my home and we will forever be in a safe place that will provide the stuff we need to live and to eat. The charities are making a change by donating money to the people in need of a home the safe place to stay. My house protects me from the sleet and snow and will make me warm when I am cold. I go to bed and feel safe with a roof over my head. I say good night to my mom and dad and say thank you god for all this food and my cozy bed!

My home is the place to stay its cozy and warm and where I love to stay!