Grade 6


The meaning of leisureHome!

Home is a place to feel secure, a place to feel great.
A home is where you can get food, served on your plate.
Home is a memory, and a party too.
Home is a place, destined for you.
A shelter for survival, with feelings through the walls.
A place to put your toys, like books and basketballs.
With emotion and time, and lots of your feelings.
Containing lots of work, that’s put to keep your ceilings.
A home is forever and not for just a day.
Improved with your effort, and good in every way.
Your home is important and you shouldn’t complain.
It is wonderful, and it’s a place to entertain.
A home is a feeling, and a thought of gold.
A home is a place for stories to be told.
So if you get a home, or any place as well.
Some people don’t have one, and don’t feel very well.
So if you get one, be very grateful.
People who don’t, can be very hateful.
I’m writing this poem, just for you.
So that you can be happy, and have a home too.