Grade 6


The Meaning of home. What home mean to me

What Does Home Mean to Me?
Home. Home feels like a never ending happiness.
Home feels like a fun place to laugh, cry, and share all your good or bad thoughts that you are thinking about.

Home is where you can share your emotions, for example, if you are sad, happy, nervous, or more.
Home is where you feel safe from the big, huge, not safe outside world where you can get hurt or bullied.

Home is surrounded by the people you love, and the things that make you happy. Home is where all your favorite people, toys, books and games are. Home is where your bed is and where you can get a good night’s sleep. Also, it’s a place where you have all your memories from when you were a baby, to a kid, all the way to a teenager.

Home is where you can study for a big test and do homework in peace and quiet. Home is where you can imagine all the things you want. Home feels welcome to everyone when you come back from a vacation. Home is the best place to be.