Grade 5


The Meaning of Home to Me

The Meaning Of Home To Me
Have you ever helped someone find a home? The meaning of home to me is someplace that I can be with my family because I live with my family in an abode. An abode is another meaning to the meaning of home. Abode is a house but when people move in it turns into a home. A home could even be a bench in the middle of nowhere!

Home is somewhere anyone can be loved and a place you can be with your family and friends. Home is where you can live a joyful life and make contended, exciting, emotional memories. I think home is joyful because you have somewhere to live and you should enjoy having that part in your life and you only have one life and you should try to enjoy that.

An abode is where You can get all the things that you need to live life but it can be challenging. It can be challenging because they might not have a job so they wouldn’t have the money to live a happy life. Sometimes they might have a job but they might only have enough money to afford food. Their homes could even be a place that is not safe like a bench! They don’t have a gratified life as we do. That is the meaning of home to me.