Grade 4


The meaning of home to me

The meaning of home to me

We all know the saying ‘Home is where the heart is’. I Love that beautiful saying because it warms my heart right up and I hope it will warm your heart right up! Home means to me is I feel safe and joyful.Home also feels to me is cared for,warm,home is a feeling,and you feel loved.

My cats love to play with me and if I lived in a building with only four walls and a roof I would not have two wonderful cats to play with. My cats and my family make me feel like I’m not in a house wear I feel scared and and a home is very special and I want everybody to have it.

Home is where you can eat and have your lunch and breakfast.What I think is everybody should eat every meal of the day.My school lets me eat lunch.

Home is where I do lots arts and crafts.Once I came home from school on a winter day and I was locked out of my home and my hands were frozen and when my brother came home I asked him can you help me?My brother said yes.When the door opened I was happy to see my home where I felt safe and relaxation.

I hope you can spread the word about home and tell everybody what home means to them and what do you think home means to you.I love the saying ‘’home is where the heart is’’ when ever I read that saying it warms my heart right up and I hope you will spread that saying and I bet other people’s heart will warm right up.Home is a place to have good supportive shelter.