Grade 4

Calgary AB

The meaning of home to me

When I am sad, my mom is always there to to cheer me up. When I am bored my sister is always there to play with me, and when I come home, I always anticipate to say hello to my dad. Home is not a place, a building. It is where you belong.

I love my home because it’s the place where I can be safe, happy and be myself. It is where you can come to after school or work with the people you love waiting for you there.

The meaning of home to me might be different from anyone else’s opinion. The meaning of home to me is that it is my happy place, it is where I feel loved and safe. It is where my comfort zone is. It is where my family is.

I love my family, they are very special. A home is much more than a comphy house, it’s the people or the things that are in it. It is my home, not for walls and a roof, it is where you belong.

Everyone deserves a home, rich, poor, no matter if we are different, we all deserve a home.