Grade 4


The Meaning of Home to Me

The Meaning Of Home Mean To Me

Home is a place to be happy and free,and show how you feel.
You have people who show kindness and respect. The people in your family are very special to you, just like the people I love.

Dusty is very special cat, he makes me feel happy even when I’m sad.
Dusty will help when I’m not feeling well, he jumps and licks me until I Fall asleep.
He will cuddle me and love me. This why I love my cat all around the universe.

My parents are so special, that make me very valued. Even when they Tuck me in I feel like the most special person ever.
They are like the Sun, I see them everyday.
They have done so much to me I hope they Stay forever.
They are like my safe place. Even better they are my safe place.

Quentin is my brother, he lights the night sky.
Even in the day he Is kind to everyone around him, even when he is feeling blue.
We Love to bounce around and laugh, even when we play video games,
That always makes us glad.I love my brother I always will even when I scream at him.

Home is where the heart is and should always stay there. Love you’re home wherever you go.