Grade 5


The meaning of home to me

My definition of home is a place where I can
Feel safe and relaxed and I am surrounded by
The people I love but every definition of home is different
My mom definition of home is a place where
you are loved and supported by family and friends
But my dad definition of home is where the family is close
And a place where you can feel relaxed and calm
Just remember homes are not made out of sticks and stones but out of
Love and memories when I think of home I think of a place where i have grown
And learned and I am very grateful to have somewhere to stay,
Where I can rely on my family when I am sad or mad
But it breaks my heart to know that Some people don’t have a home to stay in,
When it rains or when it is cold and sometime’s
They don’t have someone to rely on,
When they are sad, mad, or alone.
And by typing this I will help be Habitat for Humanity.
we all
Help all you need is the will to make a difference
It does not have to be perfect even though
You might have not won but you still gave 10$