Molly Rose

Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home To Me

Home is very special to me, because it has all the things that I love and cherish. as well as it’s my family’s home, so then is very very special, because I love my family very much. A home does not have to be a house it can be school anywhere as long as you feel comfortable, glad to be there and well. Your home is where you wake up or arrive and you feel happy and safe. Your home is your favorite place in the whole wide world that you just want to stay there forever. A home designed for you, whatever way you like it. An animal has its natural habitat like we have a home. Everybody has some sort of home even if it does not feel like a home to you it might be. Some people love their home. Some are not fond of their home, but that is okay as long as they feel safe, warm, loved and happy. There is a difference between a house and a home. A house is building where it can be a home but not always. A home is your place where you can express yourself without anybody’s opinion. it’s like your own world. Your home is your own. You do what you like. There is a quote that says home is where your story begins. it is extremely true that home is where your story departs.