Grade 6


The Meaning of Home to Me

What is the true meaning of home to me. Home to me is not one, but many things. I think the most important meaning of home is somewhere where you feel safe and joyful. I have learned that home is more than some bricks.

My home isn’t just a place it’s also a feeling. My home is a happy, enjoyable place where I live. It is a place where I feel loved, cared for and respected. When you look at your home from the outside it just seems like a house but on the inside it’s more than just some bricks and stones, home is where the heart is.

Home is also where the memories lie. When I first moved into my home or when my baby brother took his first steps you see home is filled with memories that you will always remember. Without memories most people wouldn’t be the same person they are today.

Just like memories home also comes with dreams. When I grow up I’m dreaming of being a teacher because from doing schooling at home this year I realized how hard teachers work. My mom always told me to never give up on your dreams so I want to work just as hard to be an amazing teacher. I couldn’t imagine living without dreams and home is where they are grounded and where those dreams start.

That’s what home means to me. It is a place to make memories and dreams but home is also where the heart is.I believe that a home is not just 4 walls and a roof over my head. Home is an environment. It is the feeling that greets me when I walk through the front door.. What does home mean to you, well that’s something for you to decide.