Grade 5

St. Albert

The Meaning of Home to Me

What do you like in your home? I love a lot of things in my home such as the photos because it brings back memories of that time. I love the walls, the roof, the windows, the walls make me feel safe, the roof makes it feel secure, the windows let me see the outside world. The stove is a place to cook, and learn how to cook, to make memories cooking. When I see my parents cooking it inspires me to learn.

How do you feel when you enter your home? It makes me feel happy that I have one because a lot of people don’t have houses. I am very grateful for that reason people live on the streets. It makes me feel sad that they have to do that. I wish I could take everyone off the streets and give them a home you should too.

What freedoms does having a home give you? It gives you the freedom to be yourself to do what you want. Stuff like playing with your pet playing catch. It gives you the opportunity to invite family or friends over and sit at the table and talk. And if they need to stay they can it’s your house and decisions.