Grade 5

St. Albert

The Meaning of Home to Me

When I get home from school I walk by the pictures of my family and I, I can see my door close behind me, I can see my couch, shelves and more but what do these things mean to me? Not to my friends, neighbors or classmates but to me. To me my closing door is a sign of shelter, security and safety, my couches are places of comfort and rest, my shelves hold the both good and bad memories with my family and friends. My room provides me privacy and the freedom to be myself, instead of somebody else.

My home is a place of different and crazy emotions, some that shouldn’t even be there, but how do these emotions make home? Most people are thinking “How do emotions make home, it’s impossible” Well, I thought the same thing but now I know that the happiness, the sadness and every other emotion build home. The memories that are everywhere I’ve been, make each and every place home? The love from my family, and the warmth inside my heart really make my house home. I know that the shelter and safety I have is something to be grateful for.

Home is a place where I can set the rules and have the freedom to be myself and connect with my family, but how do these things make home better? My home isn’t made of the walls, roof and doors but the connections and memories made within them. I can happily roam my home without having to be anything but myself. Game nights and movie nights help me connect and build better relationships with my family and friends.