Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home to Me

A home is a very important thing in life. A home is a safe place to let your emotions go free. In many homes there is family loyalty, comfortability of a home and happy memories of playing.

My family loyalty is the way we show things and say things that we shouldn’t have done. My family shows many different ways of family
loyalty in many ways. If someone in my family does something wrong they tell us and feel better.those are the ways we show family loyalty in my house.

This is my story of comfortability in a home. If I have a bad day when I get home most of my worries go away. When I get home I feel right and welcomed. That’s how I feel comfortable at home.

A house is not always fun but when it is it’s great. My family has many memories. Some memories are watching movies, playing games and much more. Those are the fun things of a house.

There is lots of fun when you have family loyalty, comfort of a home and memories of playing in a home. Do you have all these things in your house?