Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home To Me

The meaning of home to me

Home is a place where I can see my family everyday. It’s great to be in a place that you know where everything is at because it is organized in a way that I can remember. I like how I can just wake up everyday knowing that I’m in a safe environment.

My cat and my dog are always at the door to greet me when I come back from school everyday. During the weekends my dog will sometimes take my hand and drag me to his dog treats or to our front door. I find that very funny. It’s as if he knows he can’t speak, so it’s his way of communicating with me.

Home would never be the same if I didn’t have my bedroom. It is catalogued in such a way that I like it. The atmosphere of my bedroom is a great place for my siblings and I to hang out in. It is spacious, relaxing, and tranquil so I like to spend a plethora of time there. Wouldn’t you know it, my siblings often tend to join me as well.

The best time of year to be at my home is definitely during the summertime. My family and I spend time outside and we do fun activities such as swimming, doing arts and crafts, and sometimes we even do scavenger hunts. My favorite summertime activity at home is definitely swimming. It keeps me occupied for hours at a time, and it’s a great way to spend my time outdoors