Grade 6

St. Albert
Newfoundland and Labrador

The meaning of home to Me

When I open my door, what I can see is my cozy style home. Home means to me the only safest place in the whole world. Our planet earth is full of many good, safe, bad and dangerous things too but if you ever wonder where is the safest place I stay from all the bad and dangerous things it is my home. Home is where I find my happiness. Home is where you can express your feelings and tell what you feel for your family home is where you can celebrate christmas , new year , easter one of my favorite places in my home is my room. My room has a gorgeous bed with a beautiful desk. There are millions of people that are living sleeping on the streets wondering if they will be safe. That is not so good. Everyone needs a home where they stay safe and happy.
Everyone deserves a home with lots of warm loves and warm hugs with lots of food and drinks , everyone deserves a home where they can express happiness where they can make their own family.
If you ever ask me what home means to me, home means to me a gift from above the sky , home means to me a place where I can express my feelings , where I hide myself from the cold winter and express all the warmth. Everyone deserves a home like I have.

Everyone deserves a home