Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning Of Home To Me

We all know what home is and what it means, but how would you describe it? Your description of home may be completely different from mine, but then your ideas may be similar as well.
The definition of home to me is a place where you live with your family and where you sometimes invite relatives and friends to celebrate holidays or birthdays or just to spend time together.
Home is a place to take care of, and a comfortable place to relax and sleep and feel safe. Home is a place you can design any way you want, and a place where you might have pets like dogs, cats, birds, hamsters or reptiles.
Home is a place to cook food and enjoy it with your family, to make popcorn and watch a movie, or curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket and a good book. Sometimes we leave home for a while, but no matter how much fun we have when we are away, we are always happy to return home. I think, in the end, we all have very similar ideas of home.
Why else would there be so many familiar sayings about home?
“Home, sweet home.”
“Home is where the heart is.”
“There’s no place like home!”
Home is also a place to stay and do your boring homework. But seriously, home is a nice place to just chill out and spend time with family and friends, to eat and sleep and study and play games and dream about what you want to do next. That is what home means to me.