Grade 4


The Meaning of Home to Me


Home is a place where the minute I walk in the door I feel relaxed and safe. It’s also a place where I can play outside knowing I’m safe with my little brother. It’s a place where the doors are open for my family and me. When I’m having a rough day I can relax, feel welcome and turn a frown right side up. I can sleep in a warm bed knowing I’m safe and sound. If I’m sick my family will take care of me.

I think instead of saying someone’s homeless you should say someone is experiencing homelessness because they might not be homeless forever. If I’m angry at my house I can get my anger out however I need to. But if I was homeless I could not yell, cry, laugh or be myself I would feel like I was trapped in a box with too much tape. I could not get my emotions out no matter what I did.

Like the Mustard Seed there are lots of organisations that can help people experiencing homelessness like Inn From the Cold and the Drop In Center. The Mustard Seed will help their clients to find a home. Home is where I live and you should be thankful to have one because some people don’t. Kindness always goes a long way.