Grade 4


The Meaning of Home To Me

The Meaning Of Home To Me

The meaning of Home to me is the place that I stay at night and the place that protects me from terrible storms. Also my Home is the place that you can be your true self, the place to rely on to live in , the place that you eat delicious food in, the place that you love deeply in.

I think everyone deserves a home whether they’re bad or good, everyone deserves a home. If you’re like me and you have two homes it does not matter. The thing that matters is that you should always be thankful, not everyone has a home.

Sometimes when I come Home from school , and I walk in , I see my very loved cats Biffy and Daisy, my cats are a part of my home. When I think of my home I think of my fluffy, cuddly cats. I think of them because I only get to see them when at my dad’s house. So I try so hard to take care of my cats, clean the litter box ,brush them and cut their nails.