Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of home to me

“Home” can mean something entirely different to each and every person in the whole wide world. To me, home means a safe place to stay, a place to feel happy, and a place to relax. After a long day of school, there’s nothing better than to go home, curl up on my bed, and read a good book. Sometimes, I come home with a friend, and we spend the afternoon reading, doing crafts, and playing outside. It’s not always happy though. At times, when I do something wrong, or when I’m bothering them, my parents can get angry and yell at me. It’s not a good feeling to be yelled at. Most of the time it’s happy though. I love my home a lot, and I’m really lucky to have my own grandparents living upstairs. Most of the time, home is a happy, fun, reassuring place. Sometimes, I wonder if other people have such a nice life at home. When I say the word “home” I feel a sort of comfort inside me. The “H” and the “O” in “home” are gentle and sweet. The “M” and the “E” add a nice little…tap to the end of the word. Not a poke, or a prod, it just touches it in a nice little tap. Home means not necessarily a house, but a place to feel; to feel all the emotions that come in a home: happiness, comfort, anger sadness, excitement, laughter, stress, and so many, many, more. For me, when I truly feel home, I feel all those emotions. At home, I can use all my senses. I can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste all the different things. Home means so much to me, and I’m so glad I have an amazing home. Thanks for reading my story.