Grade 5

St.Johns Nl
Newfoundland and Labrador

the meaning of home to me

The meaning of home to me

So when i think of home. I think of a place to hang my coat and take off my bouts. But that doesn’t happen for everyone. Some people don’t have much like money and a house. And i feel bad for them.

When I think of my home. I think of happiness,and love from my mom and turtle. Some other things that i think of when someone says home i think of sleepover, and food, and my dad too. When my dad passed away me and mom where so sad.

When me and my mom think of home. I think of a safe place where you can go and have roof over your heads, and when my mom thinks of home its lots of stuff like warmth, and food and my dad. One more thing is my teddy bears {Tia and Wolfie}